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This guide, which includes a variety of cuisines, is the ultimate guide to the best food and drink in Ohio State and beyond. Pack your 2019 A-List Guide, which is packed with recipes, tips and tricks, and a list of our favorite Ohio restaurants.

Italian cuisine is lusty and nuanced, and the menu is Italian inspired, but with a touch of New York style flair and an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients.

The restaurant is divided into a dining room where you can enjoy your meal in the restaurant, and a beer garden, which is covered and heated and is selected from a wide selection of German - imported beers. We stopped by to collect some photos of the authentic German experiences, including the original Hofbrauhaus and its original beer garden. The room is furnished in the same traditional way as the room in the original Hofbrauhaus, but with a more modern touch.

The redesign of the old Players pizzeria has a creative menu inspired by world cuisine and includes many price points. Think of the wonderfully clubby atmosphere and the dozens of posters and prints that adorn the walls.

The varied menu ranges from the favourite dishes of Abruzzo to classic southern Italian cuisine, but there is also a sophisticated restaurant offering a wide selection of local, regional and international dishes as well as international dishes. The Olesia, which also serves as a bar and restaurant with a full service wine bar, is elegant, chic and modern. It includes a wide selection of home beers - handmade 15-barrel beers and a large wine list. If you are willing to sit and chat for a while, come back later to enjoy an appetizer or dinner or maybe even a drink.

If you prefer a side of fried balls, there is no shortage of sauerkraut, as well as a wide selection of cheeses and pasta from the region and around the world.

The whole thing is served in a hot stone bowl with dolsot, which continues to heat and boil the ingredients while they are stirred and eaten. The menu includes vegetables, roasted quinoa, and sliced ribs and sweet soy marinated panicles of beef with sesame and garlic are grilled in the kitchen with a marinade. The meat is quickly cooked, eaten by hand and topped with cool salad leaves, so that it is not necessary to store the meat in it.

Not to be missed are Arni Youvetsis braised chicken thighs with red onions and garlic, inspired by the country. Not to be missed is the chopped chicken, mixed with ground peppers, altered and cooked on a skewer with a pinch of paprika.

Olesia will leave North Royalton later this year and move to the former Richfield Tavern, but when the restaurant is full, the wait can be long. According to the Chipotle model, Choolaah skips the quasi-cafeteria line and each ingredient is selected to create the desired meal. This means that even if you are stopped by a picky eater, there will be something that everyone likes. There's a beautifully constructed meat board, freshly cured anchovies and a few other dishes that interest you until the pizza arrives.

If you have something to do with a barbecue that hits the grill yourself, you should stop by the sausage kitchen on Alte Landstraße. Don't miss one of the most popular barbecues in North Royalton and a great place for lunch or dinner.

They have been open here for over a decade and if they are run by a friendly, honest German family, you know you will all get the best meat for your buck. They are open every day of the week for lunch or dinner and every time you feel like a hearty German classic, this is the place to stop. The easily digestible gyros are baked in the same way as the traditional gyro, but with a little more meat and much more flavour.

The club also has a bar separate from the restaurant, but you do not need to be a member of the club to order a drink there. They also believe they can support other local businesses, which is why they are joining forces with several local farmers and traders to get ingredients and even put local craft beer on the menu. The restaurant itself belongs to the Donauschwaben and is open daily for lunch and dinner. You can also have a quick lunch or dinner in one of the other restaurants, such as the beer garden.

This is a cosy, well-curated space, as easy to enter as a place like Seoul Garden in Parma, but served in the same atmosphere as the food. Start your meal here with a glass of wine or beer and a plate of pickled or fermented vegetables and let yourself be pampered in an ambience that almost gives the feeling of being in the middle of Germany. This is an exotic environment, where you dive into and fall right into a world where what sounds and smells like a typical restaurant is thrown into a loop.

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